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Trainer Observation Report: Training Programme for Teachers of Hindupat Public Schools of Aron, Jamner and Raghogarh

The report is a compilation of observations made by trainers who conducted teacher training at the Hindupat school. The report provides some constructive feedback to the school administration on improvements that could be made at the school. It will also serve as documentation of the successes, needs and challenges regarding teacher training at the school. For more information: Contact us […]

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Resource Pack for Teachers: Hindupat Public Schools

The Resource Pack was designed for primary school teachers at the Hindupat Public Schools. The lesson ideas are categorized by class, term, and subject. Each lesson is preceded by the following information: Topic:┬áThe topic is the content area that the lesson covers Procedural Goals:┬áThese are the goals for what the teacher wants the students to actually do during the lesson […]

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