Critical Analysis of the Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El. Ed) Syllabi, Madhya Pradesh

The latest ASER 2013 report shows that in Madhya Pradesh only 38% children from Std. III-V can cread a basic Std.1 text. This number reaches to 51% (about half) when the text level is of Std. 2. This problem will remain the un-solved if the teachers are given “more of the same”. Currently elementary education is faced with the learning challenge. The D.El.Ed syllabi need to be more geared towards helping to understand more deeply why children are not learning and encourage dicussions around how to tackle these issues.

Regarding the methodology of this review, the reviewers have generally commented on the content of the MP Syllabi. One of the reviewer’s has done a brief comparative review of the document both vertically (comparing different components of the document itself, and with other national educational frameworks and guidelines), and horizontally (comparing with a few examples of curricula internationally). This broad overview of the comparative piece is first described, which is followed by more specific comments.

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Reviewers List

Ms Huma Kidwai, Teachers College, Columbia University (

Ms Shreyanka Rao, Columbia Global Center, Columbia University (

Ms Leya Mathew, School of Education, University of Pennsylvania (

Dr. Radhika Iyengar, Earth Institute, Columbia University (